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Library and Archive

The library of the institute is one specialized in research and it contains a number of aproximately 15.000 volumes. With the help of special collections regarding culture and literature, the library offers a historical and actual perspective of Bukovina in relation to other regions in East and South-East Europe.This library was developed from the personal collection of the renowned bibliographer Erich Beck, a collection that was bought in 1989 by the Schwaben region administration.  This collection of books is the most representative in the Vestern Europe, and is one of the most important collection belonging to the Institute.  Throught the years donations have been made by known researchers, for example the private library of the Romanian Academic Society former president, Dr. Constantin Sporea and his wife Adele.  In 1996 the Library and Archives of the association of Germans from Bucovina, and at the beginning of 2000 the Norbert Gaschler collection entered under the possesion of the Institute. In the years 2004/2005 the collection grew with the help of Augsburg University Library, that donated 2.500 volumes of literary and linguistic research in romanian, russian and ucrainian, as well as works of fiction in the respective languages.

The library is supported by the Bukovina Institute, to which it belongs. Between the Institute, that is affiliated to the Augsburg University and the Augsburg University there is a collaboration contract, through which in 2003 the volumes were enlisted in the shared catalogue of the Bavarian libraries. This ensures the search for different titles with the help of OPAC ( Online Public Acces Catalogue). The volumes that were enlisted before 2003 were registered in the alphabetic catalogue, and are presently included one by one in the online shared catalogue of the university library.

People that are interested in using the Library can do so during working hours of the Institute and with a prior appointment. The Library offers many spaces for reading as well as a few facilities (photocopy, microfilms). The different volumes can be borrowed with the exception of rare and old collections.  The Library of Bukovina Institute from Augsburg is included in an electronic search engine of libraries from different universities. To borrow books you need a library pass from the University. The books can be borrowed in the same manner as the University’s Library, for a period of 4 weeks, with the possibility of extention two times at every 4 weeks. The Library of the Institute is part of a Department for book-borrowing between the libraries at the University of Augsburg.

For any other questions please address the Library staff personally or by phone, as well as e-mail or fax, during working hours.