an der Universität Augsburg

Bucovina Institute at Augsburg University

The Institute, that from the year 2003 has the status of Institute at Augsburg University, a document given by the Bavarian State Ministry for Science, Research and Art, was founded în the 1988, at the initiative of the then President of the region, Dr. Georg Simnacher, as a ‘place of  research  for the history and culture of Bucovina’.  The region of Bucovina, of which the Northern half, with the capital of Cernauti, is part of todays country of Ukraine, and the Southern half with the capital of Suceava, a county in Romania, was part of the Habsburg Empire from 1774 until the end of the Ist World War. Once the Iron Curtain fell, from 1989, the duties of the Institute have intensified and extended,  including several domains related to regions of Eastern, Central and South-East Europe.

Today, with the financial suppport of an association from the Bavarian Ministry of Labour, Social order, Family and Women as well as the support of Schwaben region, the Institute ofers the following  facilities:

  • Acces to a network of library services from Eastern, Central and South-East Europe, specialized in Bucovina related themes through a reference collection and a borrowing service.
  • Conferences, lectures, exhibits, publications and field trips in colaboration with the FORUMOST center of the Faculty of Literature and History, from Augsburg University.
  • Foreign languages courses: polish, romanian, russian, cech, hungarian, and ucrainian, in collaboration with the Language Centre of Augsburg University.
  • After-school for students in primary schools, that come from immigrant families.


A big share of the achievements and services provided by the Institute represent the proof of a tight collaboration with the following  institutions:

  • Augsburg University, through the various services provided (FORUMOST, the Language Center, University Library)
  • European bureau of Schwaben region
  • Universities from Bucovina: Chernivtsi (Cernauti) University în Ukraine and Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, as well as partnerships between Bukovina Institute from Augsburg and Bukowina Insitute from Cernauti (Ukraine) and Radauti (Romania).
  • Other educational and administrative establishments of the city of Augsburg or Schwaben region