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Publikation zum Themenschwerpunkt “Bukovina and Bukovinians after the Second World War: (Re)shaping and (re)thinking a region after genocide and ‘ethnic unmixing’”

Unter dem Themenschwerpunkt “Bukovina and Bukovinians after the Second World War: (Re)shaping and (re)thinking a region after genocide and ‘ethnic unmixing’” geben Maren Röger und Gaelle Fisher eine Reihe von Artikeln, zur Entwicklung der Region Bukowina in der Nachkriegszeit, heraus:

Presenting the approaches adopted in different national contexts after the end of the Second World War, it points to the methodological nationalism which characterized research on the region during the Cold War. We show that while the historiography of Bukovina on the ground, in Romania and the Soviet Union, refracted wider national ideologies, abroad, particularly in West Germany and Israel, it remained for a long time the prerogative of small groups of “Bukovinians,” who saw it as their “lost home.” We explore both the similarities and differences between these narratives and stakeholders as well as the changes that took place after 1989–1991, especially in Romania and Ukraine. We show that while divided, the actors behind the narratives and thereby the narratives themselves have been connected in complex ways over the decades and particularly since the collapse of communism. Indeed, while for a long time the study of Bukovina resisted transnationalism, it nevertheless constituted and constitutes an ultimately transnational research object. Today, Bukovina remains a space of contest but it is also a space of opportunity, not least for researchers interested in the contested histories of borderland regions. This essay therefore contextualizes the themes and issues addressed in the following cluster of articles and identifies avenues for future research in this field.

Links zu den Einzelnen Artikeln:

Fisher, G., & Röger, M. (2018). Bukovina: A Borderland Region in (Trans-)national Historiographies after 1945 and 1989–1991. East European Politics and Societies

Fisher, G. (2018). Looking Forwards through the Past: Bukovina’s “Return to Europe” after 1989–1991. East European Politics and Societies.

Bernsand, N. (2018). Returning Chernivtsi to the Cultural Map of Europe: The Meridian Czernowitz International Poetry Festival. East European Politics and Societies

Koziura, K. (2018). The Spaces of Nostalgia(s) and the Politics of Belonging in Contemporary Chernivtsi, Western Ukraine. East European Politics and Societies.

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